InFuse passes system requirements review milestone

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19 February 2017
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A two-day meeting in Madrid, hosted by GMV and attended by most of the Horizon 2020 funded space robotics strategic research cluster, marked the first major InFuse milestone.

As a result of the meeting the InFuse consortium was given the green light to proceed to the next phase of the project’s development. Preliminary design activities can now begin. Over the next 5 months the consortium will consolidate the system architecture, select and specify all the data fusion algorithms required in InFuse, work out the Interfaces Control Document (ICD).

This will lead to a test plan that partners will have to follow later in the project to validate the project’s results. The end of this phase marks the next big milestone for InFuse at the preliminary design review (PDR) in July 2017.

Almost 50 representatives from the space robotics strategic research cluster (SRC) met to review the requirements of the six operational grants (OG) of which InFuse is one.

All OGs were represented by their coordinators and interface managers. Interface managers are responsible for aligning the specification of software and hardware across the entire SRC.

InFuse sent 8 participants to Madrid, representing each consortium member. The early architecture and system requirements for InFuse, almost 120 in total, were reviewed and discussed. Other participants from the SRC worked with the InFuse consortium and other OGs to enhance the system’s global consistency.

The meeting was chaired by the PERASPERA project, led by the European Space Agency. Gianfranco Visentin, head of the robotics section at ESA’s ESTEC site coordinated the meeting. ESA is fulfilling a role as a project support activity, or PSA to the space robotics strategic research cluster.